We work with outstanding storytellers

Passionate people who have a story they want to tell, and have the words pouring from their pens, but who need a little help bringing the story to life in images.  Not just any images.  Images that capture the imagination of the reader, and thrust them into a journey of discovery.

The storytellers we work with, ask us to be their partners.  Because what we do, is just as difficult as what they do.  And they appreciate that the stories that rock the world today, are a fusion of words and images.  

Evertold.  Bringing stories to life.

The Business

Evertold is an entertainment company that develops intellectual properties with leading authors and scriptwriters.  By bringing the visual artistic resources, Evertold ensures that properties are optimized and that the stories and characters can be used across media channels in both domestic and international markets.  Media channels include physical and digital publishing, feature films, television, digital and online media applications and mobile and social games, and merchandise.