Dao Mu Bi Ji Announces China Feature Film in Development

"Dao Mu Bi Ji" is one of China's favorite novel book series, having sold more than 30 million copies in China, as well as the highly successful graphic novel series "Daomu" created by Concept Art House.

Dao Mu Bi Ji can be translated into English as the ‘Tomb Raider’s Journal’.  It is about a young man who discovers he belongs to a secret sect of powerful grave robbers.  As he grapples with his heritage, and the cult of tomb raiding, he is required to develop new skills and embark on adventures beyond his imaging.

Dao Mu Bi Ji is currently being turned into a feature film for the Chinese domestic market, and initial plans are for a nationwide release in 2014.

Daomu is represented outside China by Evertold. 

Evertold signs Phlana IP

Evertold is pleased to announce that it has signed a partnership agreement with the owners of the Phlana IP to work with them on the development of their property.  


Long ago, they came from the sky.

Huge ships battling to the death. Falling, they lost their power, their control, their lives.

Crashing to earth like two massive meteors.

One all science, metal, edges. One living, organic, biotic.

The people saw them fall. Stayed away for lifetimes.

Then, the boldest crept forward. Explored the drop zones. Picked up pieces. 

Learned.  Put to use.

Now, the world has become two parts - each reflecting a fallen ship.

In conflict.

Check back to hear and see more about Phlana